Any Doubts?

Why haven´t I done this before?

Probably because you didn´t know you could do it, but now you do! Don't think twice, tomorrow its today.

Can I go alone?

Absolutely, one of the main guidelines of The Black Palate Tour is interaction: we love meeting relaxed, friendly people, always wanting to meet other people and generate something. Sometimes unexpected things are the best.

How can I pay?

Bank account deposit or credit card at or at your hotel´s front desk.

If I dont live in Capital Federal can you pick me up anyway?

If you don´t live in Capital Federal, we can pick you up at a convened location, and when the tour its over, we can take you to the starting point or another convenient location.

What time do tours start?

Once reservation and payment are completed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent with the time we will pick you up. Tours are scheduled to end at around 12am. 

Do you offer other tours?

Yes. We offer private and corporate tours.

Can I drink whatever I want in each bar?

Two (2) drinks + finger food are included at each bar. Additional drinks are available for purchase.

I can smoke on the bus?

Smoking is not allowed, but eating and drinking is.

… “If you doubt yourself , you 'll be defeated in advance”…
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