Speakeasy Bar Tour

Inspired by the Prohibition of the 1930s, these hidden bars gained popularity almost as fast as an urban legend, reminding us of those days and encouraging us to look for them all over the city.

In some cases a membership is required, The Black Palate Tour provides special access for its guests, but unfortunately we can´t disclose location.
That´s why participants of this tour will be blindfolded on their way to each bar. Appropriate music will highlight our senses and prepare us for a journey through time.   

A special table will be reserved for us at each spot,  and we will taste 2 cocktails + finger food.

Transfers are included, round trip from Capital Federal and also back after the tour has ended.


Days available:
Dress Code: “Old School Style”.
Rate per person: $3.000. 
Tips: not included.
Enquires: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.